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Chaplaincy Training

Is a forty hours course in active listening and caring skills which trains Spiritual Care Givers in 11 specific different skills. Whether or not you have experience, call to find out more today. You will be one step closer to becoming an entry level Ordained Chaplain a Friendly and informative Enrollment Advisors are standing by with the answers to your questions.  Let Grace School of Ministry prepare you for the challenging, yet rewarding, career in Chaplaincy.

First-Rate Course Offerings

Empathic listening and interactive counseling, we will help deal with your feelings of: Loneliness, Anxiety, Fear, Anger, Spiritual Abandonment, and Loss.

Our Mission

Behavior Description, Direct Expression of Feelings, Paraphrase, Life Commandments, Perception Check, Story Listening, Fogging, Neuro-Linguistics, Productive Questions, Negative Inquiry and Story Polarization Listening. This is done in a format of learning through practice in a lab environment. The course is provided through LEAD, Leadership Education Development Consultants and developed by Dr. John Savage. Cost for the 40hour training is $480 per person.

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